RFE for parents birth cert


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I-485 applications for both my parents were submitted in August, 2007 and acknowledged last month. Both are Indian nationals born in areas which now are in Pakistan. Pakistan was formed in Aug. 1947,so those areas were formerly in India. In I-485, the country of birth was entered as Pakistan.
In their passport, the place of birth is Mailsi , district Multan (father) and DI Khan (mother) . Name of the country is not mentioned.
In place of birth certificate, two affidavits in each case from elder relations were submitted.
In lieu of marriage certificate,-two affidavits from elder sisters were submitted.
Now a request for evidence has been received regarding birth certificate. They are asking for birth certificate or a letter from govt. agency on their letterhead confirming that no certificate exists. They have attached reciprocity schedule of both Pakistan and India on page 2 and 3 respectively.
My questions are:
1) Normally Indian embassy issues birth certificate mentioning clearly therein that this is based on entries in passport.
Kindly advise if such birth certificate from Indian consulate along with Higher secondary school certificate and Indian driver’s license (all of which show date of birth and father’s name) will suffice?

2) The application states the country of birth as Pakistan. Are they expecting letter from them? Are we to contact Pakistan embassy ? We are not pakistani nationals and may not get such certificate.

3) It seems very difficult to get a letter from relevant govt. agency stating that no birth certificate exists.
What do you recommend?
Thanks in anticipation.


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RFE for parents birth certificate

Hi Samirmullick,

I am in the exact same situation as you. My parents are born in Karachi, Pakistan before partition and are now Indian nationals. They have lived most of the time in Mumbai, India. They also do not have their birth certificates.

We submitted sworn affidavits from 2 of their relatives but still received an RFE. My guess is that they need the letter of non availability of birth certificate. We are trying to obtain this from the Mumbai Municipal corporation but no luck so far. We have no way of obtaining this from Pakistan.

How did you respond to the RFE? Have you heard anything back? Please let me know. My parents and I woud definitely be very very thankful to your help.