Retaining Green Card


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Hi i got my green card on 2012 through DV Lottery. My first entry to State was on 1 of July 2012. And i didn’t live there for long and came back to Australia within a month on 31st of July 2012 back to my husband. Not long after that i got pregnant which was very complicated so most of the time i was in and out from the hospital. Had a premature baby. I was going through lots of stress so didn’t realise that it was too long i didn’t enter back to USA. It was already more than year so i called immigration and tell them about my situation and they said if u r out for more than a year your card is not valid any more. So now i found it out that you can retain Green Card so i was hoping is there any chance for me to apply for it. I know it has been very long time and the other thing is my whole family is permanent residence over there. So can some one pls help me with some genuine suggestion . Thank you