Renewing German Passport/Leaving US

I have called numerous consulates over the past with more or less the same result - they hang up on me.
My german passport is expired ( and no i do not have a Visa/GC, which is required for a german passport renewal as required for a passport renewal you need to provide "Your valid residence permit in the U.S. (U.S. Resident Alien Card, U.S.-entry clearance) or U.S.-passport"

I was told , since i do not have this, i should request the G-639 to proof i was not naturalized in the US.
This has returned as "no records found"

My question is, will i be able to use the G-639 at the a passport renewal appointment ( since i do not have Visa/GC or any current valid ID (both german id/PP expired) . I have all other Documents needed for the appointment.

I've talked to Immigration lawyers, whom told me they are unable to help me with this question and that i need to contact the embassy, which well just hangs up on me. If more Information is needed i am happy to provide it. TIA