rejoined an old company, I-140 amendment


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I was with company A and got my LCA/I140 approved in July 2001. waited for 2 years to file for 485 and I was laid off before filing 485, found job with company B and they filed LC again and got my H1 extended beyond 6th year. Company A got acquired by company C and Company C hired me back and filed my I140 amendment(for change in tax id, I guess) and I485.

My question is, is processing I-140 amendment any faster than I-140 itself?
I140 RD 1/28/05, ND 2/1/05
I485/EAD/AP RD1/28/05, ND 2/1/05
FP notice 3/18/05, preponing to 3/2/05


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140 approved! RD 1/28/05, AD 5/16/05

My 140 amendment got approved.

LCA/I140 AD July 2001.
Laid off and rehired, Company got acquired.
I140 amendment(tax id) RD 1/28, ND 2/14 LUD 03/25 [RFE], 05/10 [RFE replied], 05/16[approval], AD 05/13
RFE for W2, name change, ability to pay.
I485/EAD/AP RD 1/28, ND 2/1 LUD 03/15 (spouse LUD 3/11)
biometric/FP notice 2/17 done 3/5


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I too am in a similar situation.

I have an approved labor from my prrevious company. My labor got approved last year.

The company is bought over by another company.
I could use the approved labor if I join back the company.

I have already applied for GC from my new company last year ( Apr 2004) and its not moving at all.

I would like to know if there is a expiry date on the approved labor?
Also, I have 8 months before my H1 expires( 6 years).