regarding starting own business.

Hi all,
I have come here in H-1. Now I want to start my own some part time bussiness (not part time job).
Now my question is, whether i can start my own bussiness here, as i am not citizen/ have green card.
Is it any way related to which state you register your company.
Can you any of you please gimme some useful sites names please?

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You can start your business since you are on H1.But before doing so,you\'ll have to form a company,register it and get the necessary licenses.Also you\'ll have to recruit some person/s other than yourself as you cannot work for your OWN company.If you wish to work in your company,you\'ll have to apply for your own H1.But this can be dicey as the INS will verify a lot from you--the actual status of the company,the number of employees,investments made and so on.If you can really prove to the INS that your company is in fact a working company and not just a shortcut to get more money/visas,it will get you an H1 and then you can work in your company.
         The location can be anywhere in the USA.It has nothing to do with the location what type of businesss you are in.But you dont want to start a comb making company in a bald man town,would you?Its common sense!!!


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Yes, you can start a business, in the sense you can invest in it. You CANNOT however work for that business or draw a salary unless you get a H1 from that business.

just my .02

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Are you starting your own business for the sole purpose of making money or to file for investor Green Card etc under the company name?

 Your immigration status will not become a problem in obtaining DBA license from local chamber of commerce. However, for issues dealing with the Workers Commission, IRS (Internal Revenue Service) etc will require a "clean" Social Security Card. What I mean by "Clean" Social Security card is a SS card with no restrictions on your employment status. Some cards have restricted notices written like "Not authorized to work" or "Work Authorization Required."
  Some EAD cards have restrictions such as you are only allowed to work for the company that sponsored your employment Visa etc. Even then, some people under that category take light part-time jobs etc at local department stores, gas station.

 If you don\'t plan to file immigration benefits (GreenCard , Visa etc) under the company name you can just talk to a CPA. If you plan to file those benefits under the company name you also need to talk to an immigration lawyer.
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  I am in H1B visa and my wife came last March in H4 visa. She is having very good experience in Shipping industry, now she wants to start a bussiness here. Isit possible for a H4 visa holder to start a business here ? If possible means whom should I contact ?
can h1 holder register a company??

I\'m a h1 holder and wants to register a software company.
Can i do that?? and if yes then what is the procedure to do that??