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Hi guys,
 The easiest way to send a registration copy to the board is make a notarised copy of the certificate, get a envelope which has your college seal and address on the envelope and has stamp on front of the envelope put all the documents and ask your parents to mail from India to fpgee,since the college will not take the responsibility of mailing,even if they do they take their sweet time.



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Hi All,
     I had sent the notarized copy of the registration certificate also including the original doc. for their reference(in fact i had enclosed all my original docs. with the transcripts just in case)But still, they have asked me to send the registration certificate from the appropriate issuing authority.That is why I have taken the pain of convincing the registrar of the pharmacy council for the attestation.I am not sure if the process given by Mamata will do the trick but, I do know a couple of people who did send the notarized copies and got a similar intimation from nabp as mine( to send all pharmacy related credentials as transcripts from the appropriate issuing body.)I think there is no clear cut process to follow to get the approval from the board!!We have no other go but, just wait and hope for the best.