Regarding h1b Validity


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My H1b got picked in 2014 and I was officially eligible to work from Oct 2014(until then I was on H4 in the US). Approved I-797 came with I-94 valid until 09/07/2017. But, my employer failed to find a job for me, so I left the US on Jan 31st 2015 and returned later on a H4 Visa. My employer did not pay me from Oct 2014 to Jan 2015, hence no pay stubs.
Can you tell me if my H1b is still valid in 2021? Do I need to consider 6 years from the date of I-797 expiry(09/07/2017).I am planning to apply for jobs and want to use H1b issued in 2014 which was never utilized.
Please Suggest.