Reg: Passport renwel - critical situation

Hi there,

Thanks for giving support to the people like me.

My situation is :

1. Already i was applied for my renewal passport (it's got expired in Nov 2009) to Houston Indian consulate because of my work at Dallas . Due to my insufficient proof of residence they were sent back my renewal passport application.
Now I am working in Buffalo for the new short term project(I am on H1B ) . I have doubt that can i approach again to Houston Consulate or New york Consulate for renewal passport.
2. I am in a critical situation , my Drivers license got expired and i don't have any proof of residence like rental agreement ,water or utility bills etc., because i am sharing my apartment with somebody who has rental agreement on his name.

I am calling and explaining my situation continuously to customer care to all indian consulates but they were not responding properly.

Please let me know me that, exactly what kind of actions i need to taken to get my passport and New DL(Due to passport expired ,it;s not possible to get new DL).
Amit J