Reg. extension of J1


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My very first DS2019 start date is July 2, 2018 (I came to US in July 18, 2018). I believe J1 can be used for 5 years.

I started my J1 application waiver by attesting the biodata nd affidavit from the NewYork consulate.

The reason for my application to J1 waiver is to apply for green card through marriage. I married to an US citizen in 2020.

My current DS-2019 form is valid till 2022 (Mar).

Because of covid, postal services were down in India and I couldn't send the Biodata and affidavit attested by the NewYork consulate to Home dept and passport office. I am planning to send this week via, post.

I am really worried about the time line of getting NORI from India.

Third stage of J1 waiver will take time too.

If I don't get my waiver on time, can I extend my J1 visa next year with my current university?