Refund for unused courier charge


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This is a different issue for me.
I applied for OCI and renunciation, was approved and received it.

There were some members from the Indian Consulate come to my city so that they can help with the questions folks had about variety of things.
So I took all my documents and had them checked and was given a green light to send it in. So I send in OCI and renunciation forms with the appropriate documents and the postage that was required. However, the consulate officer told me that that there is no need to send in the US passport as he has verified it. After verifying the documents, he also signed the paperwork.

After getting my OCI card and my cancelled Indian passport, I was like I paid for 3 return envelopes and I received only 2 so I should ask for refund for the 3rd one.
I emailed them and they come with the answer that I am not eligible for the unused courier charge. I am a bit confused because I should get a refund for the unused courier charge.

Has anyone experienced this?
Does anyone have any recommendation to what I can do about it? Am I missing something?

Although the amount is only $15 but its the principle behind it and yes, I paid for it so I should get it back if they did not use it.

Thanks in advance.


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Well DadaJi, I logged into this forum after almost 10 years, and I saw your post and thought I should post.
In principle you should get a refund, but it won't work that way with Indian Consulate; whatever you sent, it's theirs to keep, they never send any money back. Had a very bitter experience 9 years ago when I went to renounce my citizenship and they charged me $250 to cancel my passport and they should actually have charged $25 back then, they never sent me my balance back. Don't waste your time.


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Thanks @sam012007 for sharing.

This is just appalling to me that they can just keep the money for services not rendered.
The thing is though, earlier this year, my application was rejected due to error on my side and the money was returned. They deducted $2 because they claimed that it was because of the charge for sending a personal check. It didn't matter back then because I had other things to worry about.

Like I have mentioned it in my original post, its $15 but its the principle behind it.
I am sure they do it to other applicants' as well and why has nothing done about it.
This is highway robbery.

End Rant.


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Tell me about it, they owe me $225 :) that never came back, and not just me, all those who got caught in their mess in 2010 when they raised the cost to renunciation from $25 to $250 (I think) and then back tracked for certain dates and I fell under those dates, yet they wouldn't refund the extra money sent. I remember there was a mass event of that and they must have made millions during that event that they were supposed to return, but never did.


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Hopefully it will help someone .
I was persistent and emailing them and have been asking for answers as to why am I not eligible to receive the unused courier charge. The customer service kept giving me the same answer and finally I asked them to escalate the issue and transfer me to someone who can provide my answers to my questions.
So it was escalated to the supervisor/manager and I got an email from him saying that a refund check has been issued for $13 ($2 were deducted since they were sending a personal check. It is in their terms and conditions.)
I received a check for $13 and I cashed out.

Being persistent helps, if are in the right.
Hope this will help someone.