Refugee Problem


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Dear Sirs,

My problem is little bit complicated i will Explain it in details:

1- I was admitted to enter the USA as a refugee and i arrived the US in 2008.

2- I had some family problems overseas so i resided in US for 8 months.

3- I left the US without even a reentry permit due to an urgent situation.

4- When i first arrived their to Middle east they stole my purse and all the documents i have I-94 and more where in my purse ... i lost them.

5- I applied for a tourist visa to USA again.

6- i stayed in middle east for 6 years until i got tourist visa.

7- I came back to the US in 2014 as a tourist visa.

8- i consulted an attorney and i applied for a an asylum through that attorney who charged me $13,000 (am brook right now)...

9-i did an interview and they gave me a work authorization and am still waiting for the approval and i’ve been waiting since 2014... while the attorney is asking for another $15,000 to submit an expedite request..

10-I have my old social security number when i was first admitted to the USA as a refugee.

My question is: Is it possible to apply for some type of form to the USCIS to regain back my old refugee status? Am Stuck and financially brook please help me....



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what you are saying is totally right ..... is it possible if i can get back my refugee status... am in trouble right now.. and exactly i haven’t heard back for 5 years


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I'd say drop the lawyer, you can go yourself and speak to them and find out what hapened to your refugee status, there must be recods of everything even if you lost it.


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Crisis of refugees can refer to large groups of displaced people, who could be either internally displaced persons, refugees or other migrants, the incidents in their country of origin, or to problems while on the move, or it can refer to problems in the hosting countries after arrival involving large groups