Reference letters for EB-2 NIW used on a EB-1 application


As I was preparing my GC application under the category of EB-2 NIW I realised I could qualify for EB-1 and speed processing. It requires little adaptation, however my reference letters state that they were written "in support of my EB-2 NIW application". Asking for new reference letters to change the line "in support of xxx application" is not an option... It bothers me that the USCIS may get picky and deny my I-140 application under the category of EB-1 based on the fact that the letters were written in support of a EB-2 NIW application.

Would it be enough to include an explanation on why I am applying for EB-1 while the letters mention EB-2 NIW? or this would automatically lead the USCIS to deny the I-140? How risky does this feels?

Thank you!