REF on Derivatives' EADs


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All of my children (4) received REF from TSC.
1- Provide FIN# (NSFEER - Pakistan & Saudi Arabia) of principal
2- Provide Arrival/Departure Record - principal
3- Provide copy of passport/s - principal

Just recatch:
I am from Pakistan and I had been gone for "Call in Registration" on 1/21/2003. The finger prints were taken and assigned a FIN#, this number was written on my passport and on the I-94. When I travelled to Pakistan on AP, I handed over I-94 to Imm-Department at POE, the officers stamped on my passport as "Departure Record". I travelled 2 times on AP.
Some traverllers give it to airline counter but I gave it to Imm-Officer.

Fortunately/luckily, I made a copy of I-94 (both side) where FIN# was written before handing it over to Imm-Department at POE. When I applied my I-485 (including family) in December 2004, I provided this number. After transfer from VSC to TSC, I assume USCIS has lost track of my cases for any reason and got separated "in error" because TSC transferred my and my wife cases to NBC and NBC transferred to district office, NJ and called us for an interview on August 13, 2007. Interview went well and I informed about this situation and the "Wrong Priority Date" mentioned on interview letters. My priority date is December 2001 while it was written December 2004 on interview letters in the block provided for priority date on I-797C.
All of my dependents & wife cleared name check/security checks, my name check has been pending since December 22, 2004 even after 2nd FP.
BTW, I have gotten renewal of expired passports two times. So I have to make/send copies of all passports to show arrival/departture. $$!!

Now all cases are separated, two cases (mine & my wife) is in New Jersey and 4 cases of children are sitting at TSC.

See what happens?

Please be prepared for any situation if it relates to you.
Always keep copies of all document even if you think it is useless, we never know.