Reentry Permit

Hello - I would like to know about Rentry Permits. If a person is on a green card, I have heard there is an option of filing for a Reentry Permit, that is valid up to 2 years. With an approved permit, a green card holder is supposedly allowed to be outside the country for up to 2 years and still come back without having the GC status revoked? Is that the case, if yes, is there a limit to how many times an applicant is allowed to file for the Reentry Permit? Is it only once or twice, in the 10 year GC period?




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You already know the answer to your first question considering your other thread about your relative who has a re-entry permit and whose N-400 petition was recently denied due to break in continued residency.

One may be able to get a re-entry permit up to 3 times (2 years each for the first two, and 1 year for the last one) - but of course it’s never guaranteed.