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  1. Nincompoop

    Nincompoop New Member

    This seems like an obvious question but I couldn't find a satisfactory answer. My son studies overseas. He has a reentry permit that expires in January and school starts again in September. I know he needs a new I-131 and has to be in the US to apply. Why? The first step is to mail in the form and reentry permit. How would they know if he, or someone else, mails it in? More importantly, he then has to wait for up to two months before doing the biometrics. If he leaves the US to start school and then tries to return to do the biometrics can he get in, now that he's surrendered the permit? If he can then perhaps he can go and apply before school starts and return during Christmas break for the biometrics. Then he can go back to school to wait for the new permit.

    Do people normally just stay in the US while waiting?

    Please help.

    Thank you so much.
  2. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    It’s really easy for USCIS to check his dates of entry and exit to determine if he was in the country when it was filed.
    Most people stay for biometrics because of the cost issue of flying back and forth but I have seen people who have filed, left, then flown back for the biometrics then left again.
  3. Nincompoop

    Nincompoop New Member

    Thank you. Yes, I realize that they can check his passport for arrival (although they don't stamp departure dates in passports.) and there may well be a database accessible to them, with that information. And, sure, people will stay to avoid the two-trip expense. But how, exactly, do those who don't stay do it?

    Can he get back in without a reentry permit? If he flies in to mail the application can he just go back the second time for the biometrics on his green card or will they say he's been out two years. They could know that, too. Or does the one year clock start over? That's the more important question.

    I did see some law office recommend not sending the still-good-but-soon-to-expire reentry permit with the application. I just wonder if that works.
  4. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    It’s all online, you can look it up yourself with his passport number. Google I94 online. Will they check it? I don’t know. Is the hassle of doing it and trying to game the system worth him potentially losing his green card? That’s a question for you and him to decide.

    Any time out is counted from last exit so if he is back to file then comes back again no he won’t need a reentry permit as he will only have been gone a few weeks. Of course his travel history will come up on the CBP computer and they may well question him on his absences. Another reason I guess why people prefer to stay till the biometrics.

    It doesn’t seem all that common to renew reentry permits so I have no idea what “normal” is. For sure, anything to do with a green card once you become an LPR is not very easy for people not actually physically present in the US (though I presume that’s partly intentional, given that residency requirements in the US are relatively strict. Requiring one to be physically present for the application is one way to help ensure people are serious about it as you’d probably get many “just in case” but not really serious applications if you could just do everything online and/or from your local consulate).
  5. Nincompoop

    Nincompoop New Member

    Again, thank you. That's what I needed to know. I wish he could just stay in the US and wait. Since that interferes with his school he can't. So it's good to know he can get back in. That's a big help!
  6. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    You can request the application be expedited. It's entirely possible he will get the biometrics appointment in a couple of weeks if he mails the application and permit the day he lands on US soil. If studying is given as a reason, it should work (at least it did for me when I was a student abroad about 10 years ago...).

    He can also leave and return for biometrics within six months, but yes, there is a the flight cost.

    Finally, the permit can be sent abroad to a US mission so that's an easy one.
  7. Nincompoop

    Nincompoop New Member

    Thanks. Yes I remember we requested expedite on his current one. I guess we'll try that and if they can't get it in time then we'll have to go back. I don't suppose there is any way to tell which centers have the shortest wait time .

    I assume if he just went back in intervals of less than a year to restart the clock they might not like that.

    We requested the last one be sent to the embassy but they didn't. They just sent it to the "in care of" address. I'm sure it will be different this time.
  8. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    You don’t get to choose the center, it’s based on the address you use when you file.
  9. Nincompoop

    Nincompoop New Member

    Thanks. That's what I thought I remembered from the last time. And I checked it took 5 weeks to do an expedited biometrics exam. So he'll do two trips.
  10. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    Do they still process them in Nebraska? Try faxing a cover letter to the fax number I indicated in this thread: The last time I needed this was in 2008 I think so it HAS been ten years but the following threads also indicate this number was active as of 2011 and 2012, they they were used then for other reasons:

    Try to write about why he has to go abroad to study in particular (maybe necessary for his degree, or you couldn't afford it here, etc.), and how he wants to use his education to benefit the US, and other crap like that :)
  11. Mary B

    Mary B New Member

    Hello everyone,
    Anyone on here renewed their I131 overseas. I started all my paperwork with the USCIS Rome office because they have jurisdiction over Spain but they needed my old RTD so I flew back to the US and send back the document to them and am still waiting. I need to travel as soon as possible due to my mom's health.
    Any insight is welcome

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