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I work as senior Project manager and my company is planning to send me India/Canada for 1+ year but I will get salary in USA only. Once I will be back to USA, I will request my company to file my green card in EB1 category. They are planning to pay my salary in USA only, will this affect my case ? or I should get my salary in the country where I am working.

My company don't have any office in India/Canada, we have offshore vendor and I am going to work with them. that's why my company want to pay my salary in USA only. but i am not sure impact on green filing on EB1


Can I file 2 green cards in parallel ?

My Green card is filed under E2 category by my company and priority date is 2013. I am planning to file green card under EB1 by myself in parallel.

If Immigration department reject my E1 green card application by any means, will this decision will affect my E2 green card when priority date will be current for my E2 green card ?


What is O-1 visa , who can get O-1 visa ? Can we transfer on O-1 visa ? Can person file green card on O-1 visa and how much time it will take ?
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