Recording Available, December 13, 2018 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

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Hello Mr Khanna - below is my situation

I applied EB-2 (I-140) in March 2017 got it approved now my company filed EB 1-C (I-140 non concurrent , as I met the criteria) it got approved , but the priority date was not ported , the attorney raised a service request to get the old priority date , but the service request is updated as "a supervisor is reviewing the file and will respond in 90 days " what does that mean ?

As per my non immigrant status - I am on H-1b visa , my company tried my COS to L-1A , which was denied recently (after my EB-1C , I -140 was approved)

My questions are :

1) Can the service request (we raised for PD porting ) went in "Supervisor Review" be related to recent denial of L-1A COS ?
2) How long will it take for USCIS to respond to my SR , in mean while if the visa date becomes current can i file I-485 while I have an open service request .



My I-140 was approved on 19th Nov 2018 and my company is laying off some of us, they have promised me that they will not revoke my I-140 for next 6/7 months and after that they might revoke my I-140.

I have I-94 and present H1-B stamping till Feb 2020. I am in USA since 8+years.

Q1 : I-140 - 180 rule will work, if I am not on company payroll who filed my I-140 and it got approved ?
Q2 : Can any company revoke I-140 after 180 days ?
Q3 : My company is cooperating with me, what all things I can request them which may help for my green card in future ?
Q4 : How long I can stay in USA without job ?
Q5 : When H1-B transfer - premium processing will start again ?

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