Recommend a job site

One of the most effective ways to find a job is to go to the employer's job posting page on its website. I got my jobs in this way: a GIS development company in Vancouver BC and a government job in Victoria BC.

So here you go and good luck.
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Yeah, you can find job opening now in almost every employer site. If you are looking in general, say residential cleaning, just search residential cleaning and location. The results will give employer sites and you can see career page or job opportunity page, it depends on the term they prefer. Browse through you will get the details of vacancies.
There are plenty of useful websites on the web for job search. Among them you can also find some services like craftresumes They specialise in resume writing. It is a very useful thing, I guess. Look for it too
You can work as a freelance writer, editor, proofreader. Plenty of students search for someone to do their job, asking someone to write their essay for them. Aside from that, anyone can follow the link and apply for the position of a remote worker but be ready to prove your niche- and English knowledge before you can get the real orders.


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If you wanna get a new job, you need to find ways how to learn constantly. All the same, it takes not so long as you think. 10 min a day in a year can totally improve your skills. One of my suggestion is trying to find some courses at university or some communities that help you to start learning something new. It creates for your new opportunity and opens the brilliant doors. Getting new jobs is a general question. It is to get a job, but it is important to get a job where you are on cloud nine, something that helps you to deliver your skills and possibilities. If you are a good writer, you can found here vacations. Give more information. For all I know you need to find a job that brings you happiness to your life every day.