Receiving My Social Security Card

Hi all.

I activated my PR status on Feb 2nd and I'm trying to find out when I'm going to receive my Social Security card, and more importantly where it's being sent to.

Here's my situation: When I created my USCIS account and paid the USCIS fee, I used an address I no longer wish to reside at. On the 5th, 3 days after entering, I changed my address online.

However, I'm uncertain on whether my social security card be sent to the new address? It's been 3 weeks and both addresses (the original and the one I changed it to) have not seen the letter in the mail yet.

I've called US Immigration and they told me to call Social Security. I called Social Security and they told me they couldn't help me without my Social Security number and to call my local US Embassy. The Embassy directed me back to Social Security.

Can anybody shed light on when I should be receiving my SS card and where? Also what to do in the case of it not showing up.

Thanks for your help!


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If it’s been over two weeks since you entered the US and your SSN card is yet show up, you need to go to the SSN office in person and submit an application. Looks like yours is one of those cases that falls through the cracks despite the fact that you selected the option on your DS260 form for the card to be ordered on your behalf.
Thanks for the response. I'm not in the US right now so I am unable to physically visit a SSN office. What are my other options?
Ok. In similar situations, do you know if SS honors the amended address after the visa was activated or do they use the address that was given when you pay the USCIS fee?