Received objection from Ministry of HRD: please advice


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Hi All,
Just in case somebody has the same NORI status from MHRD as mine. Please do not panic. Something might be missing, as mentioned above in the discussion. Now, I have access to my account. In my case, few places are left blank in the affidavit, which I thought was unnecessary but needed to be filled as "NOT APPLICABLE or NA."
My status on the website is:-
Objection Details:
Fill all columns in affidavit for further process your case.

Hi All,

I was able to access my account and saw two reasons for my objection: 1. I didn't fill out all the columns in the affidavit, just like Narendar had written, and 2. I needed to upload the original master's certificate for my MSc degree.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with uploading the original provisional certificate for the MSc degree (along with all of the original mark sheets) as an acceptable solution to the 2nd point? I am also getting materials together to apply for a duplicate certificate (I was not able to collect my original certificate at the time).

For resubmitting the affidavit, would you recommend that I redo the attestation process at the Houston CGI and then re-upload the affidavit?

Thank you for your help!


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Hi All,

I'm currently in the US on J1 visa (with the 2year HRR) from September 2019. I want to change to H4 (dependent) as my husband is on H1B and would like to know if I need a waiver to move to just H4 and not a work visa (EAD).

The Exchange Visitor Visa Program restrictions section mentions only about moving to a work visa nothing about dependent visas.

I started my waiver application process just to make sure I'm not losing time. I've completed the stage I (Embassy,Washington DC) and in stage II, I've applied to the MHRD through the portal on September 22nd, 2021 and the status is "In-Process" as of today. Could anyone let me know the processing time?

Also I need to apply to the Regional Passport Office-Hyderabad and the Home Department (Secretariat) Telangana for the NORI, could anyone let me know if this process is online or need to apply in-person to these 2 offices. I checked with one of the passport agents and he said that everything post COVID has been made online for the passport office but not sure about this process. So if it is online and anyone has been through this process, please let me know the link or procedure.

What also documents do I need to submit to the passport office and the secretariat apart from the ones that are mentioned for the MHRD?
If anyone could let me know anything in this regards it would be great, thanks in advance!