Received (NOID) Notice of Intent to Deny my I-485 application due to Advance parole.

How do I respond to this NOID & what other options do I have. Have you come across a similar case ?

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They are right. If you leave without an approved Advance Parole, and without H or L status, you abandon AOS. If you had an emergency you should have applied for for an emergency Advance Parole.

What category of green card application are you? If you are an Immediate Relative, you should be able to just apply for AOS again.
Thank you for your response. I am on an EB3 Category. I am the primary applicant. My wife's too got her NOID since she is dependent on me. I applied for my EAD renewal 2 months ago, I believe even that is being held up and my EAD is expiring on October 1st. I got to know they only provide parole in case of death. Do I need to apply for I485, I-765 and I131 once again and will that help me ?