Read!! one call could make a difference - EB3 Sep 2004 Approved


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PD Sep 2004
I485 sent on July 2, 07
I485 receipt notice on Sept 07
Fingerprint on Oct 07
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I485 approved date on Nov 8, 08

Just want to share my experience with you guys out there. Dont give up hopes. One phone call could make a difference.

I will try to make my story short. My case had been stalled for quite a while ever since I sent my I485 to the USCIS. 15 months passed by and no update since. Priority date was open for a few months and still I had no luck. Lots of ppl approved ahead of me with a much later PD. I called my attorney many times and was told that nothing that they could ve done to get me approved. On Nov 5, I got desperate and decided to call USCIS myself ( the first time ever ) and spoke with a customer service rep. I had a good five minutes talk with that lady and she told me that someone will pull my file out and take a look at it. I should be getting an update within 45 days. I actually did not expect to get anything out from that call because I thought nothing could have speed up the process regardless. However, just 4 days later, I checked my case status online and I was shocked. My F***ing case got approved.

I 've been waiting for this GC for 15 years and I am thankful to receive the card in the mail yesterday.

Best of luck for all of you guys waiting out there. Dont give up hopes and CALL THEM as it proved to be super helpful.


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I-485 Rest of the world February 4Th, 2004

It is a great surprise you received your Green Card. Please see my information below. My priority date is 2/4/2004 I think it is time we call ,is it?

EB 3 Rest of the World

I-485, I-765 and 131 Sent to TSC August 7TH,2007
I-140 AD 08/12/07
PD 02/04/04
I-485 Receipt Notice September 29TH, 2007
All ND 10/01/07
Finger Print Notice Date 10/09/07
Finger Printing on 11/06/07
EAD 10/2007
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