Re-issue of OCI Card once you cross 50 and have new US passport


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I just came to know of above requirement. I turned 50 few two years back and I have travelled to India 6 times since then without any issue. So, it is not clear to me if this requirement really mandatory or optional?

OCI website ( states current processing time is around 60 days and i cannot give away my US passport for 2 months. Any one else in similar situation?


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This is what I found on the Consulate General of India website under frequently asked questions section. I am not sure if I understand the answer correctly. If you are over 50 and get a new passport then you need a new OCI card. I am over 50 but I got my last US passport when I was 48. So I don't need a new OCI card. Is my interpretation correct?


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Sounds like it is. It's even more unlikely to be questioned if you're over 50 and don't get an OCI reissue, because your appearance will not have deviated much from, say, just before you turned 50. For kids, it's much more of an issue, and even they face no hurdles.