Re: H4 stamped on the passport but has a valid H1B visa till next Year


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My wife had a H1B with an employer but we decided that she will not go to work b\'cos we have a daughter(1 year old),so when we came back from a vacation(from india)we got her stamped as an H4( based on my H1B).
Now we are thinking that she can go back to work for the same employer.
The H1B is valid for another year,is it necessary for her to get a new H1B or can she work on the H1B that she already has(valid for another year)


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With H4 status not allowed to work

Not aware if there is a way to give up H4 and re-activate old H1, otherwise you may have to apply for a new H1 all over again.


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U could get the H1 stamp again

by going to canada... By stamping h4 the H1 was superceded but not surrendered (unless you gave the I797 at the POE)
If H1 is refused in Canada she can still come in H4 and then apply for h4 to h1 again.