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I came to the US on a F1. My wife and daughter were also here on F4 visas for about 6 months after which they returned to India.

Now I have completed my Masters and have a job offer. My US employer has applied for my H1B visa.
Meanwhile I am working on my OPT period.

Once i get my h1b clearance, i plan to send the papers to india and ask my wife to apply for a h4 visa there.

Can my wife and kid apply for a H4 visa in India,
without my going to India for getting my H1B stamped. Or is it essential for me to go to India and first get my H1B visa stamped and only then apply for H4 status for my dependents?

Would appreciate any guidance/feedback.


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H1 stamp on your passport is not legally required for your wife/kids to apply for H4. However some consulates (e.g. chennai) expect to see the H1 stamp on the principal's passport. See for example Best thing might be to go to India if you can.


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Please keep us informed about your experiences at the consulate whenever you or your wife/kids go for stamping...