Re-entry permit while waiting to sponsor wife.

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I will be a green card holder soon. I have been sponsored in F1 category by my mother who is an US citizen. My two brothers are US citizens as well. My father is a green card holder. I will be getting married soon right after I get a green card. I and my future wife are Canadian citizens. I understand when I file sponsorship application in F2A category for her it will take around 2 years and half to get her the green card. I don’t want to be separated from her during that time.

I am wondering if I could use Re-entry Permit in this case. Can I put down as a reason when applying for Re-entry Permit that I want to be with my wife during the process? What are the chances of getting it and what would be the best way to formulate it? I would be working in Canada in the meantime and would be travelling to US. frequently.

Additionally, once I am crossing a border should I tell border agent I work in Canada and am waiting for my wife’s papers to go through?

I am definitely moving to the states once she is getting her immigration visa. There is a finite date when we will be moving to the U.S. permanently and this is only a temporary situation.

I will have strong family ties to US.

Thank you very much for your help.



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You can certainly apply for a re-entry permit if you want to spend 2 years outside the US.
If a border agent asks a question, just respond with the truth.
Remember that you need to file taxes with the IRS even while you reside outside the US, and that you will have to show intent to re-establish domicile and a US income, or co-sponsor, to successfully complete the application for your wife’s visa. Canada is apparently very strict on the proof of intent to re-establish domicile FYI.