Re-entry Permit Questions


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Hello friends,

I and my family received our green cards in September 2020. As both my parents and in-laws are aged, we are planning to apply for re-entry permit and going back to our home country to stay with our parents for sometime. However, I have couple of questions related to re-entry permit. Can someone clarify?

1) Do I need go through an Attorney to apply for re-entry permit? I assume the answer is No, but just wanted to confirm.
2) Assuming that I apply for re-entry permit on March 1, 2021 and our re-entry permit is going to be for 2 years, what is the time period of stay in our home country? Is it going to be March 1, 2021 to February 28, 2023 or is it from the date of approval?
3) I have heard that some people leave USA after completing the biometrics and get their re-entry permit in their home country. Is this possible? If so, how does the 2 year calculation work? Is it from the date they left USA or from the date of approval?



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1. Nope! Not necessary, not required.
2. Effective from approval date.
3. Yes, that is possible. You’ll need to list the US embassy in your home country as the pick up location. The embassy will contact you when they receive the reentry permit. See 2 above.


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Thanks for your responses. A follow up to question #2.

If I leave the country as soon as Biometrics is done and then come back during the last week of re-entry permit expiration, it is possible that I might have stayed in my home country for more than 2 years assuming that the approval happens couple of weeks after the biometrics test. Will it be a problem?


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How long you’ve stayed outside of the US is effective from when you depart from the US. That is a separate issue from when the issued re-entry permit is effective from.


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I believe you should be OK to stay outside of US until re-entry permit expiration even if it ends up more than 2 years provided you should be done with biometric & depart US
I am quoting Vietnam US embassy "If you have been issued a Re-Entry Permit, which applicants must apply for while in the U.S., you can stay outside the United States as long as your Re-Entry Permit has not expired"


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I am in the process of filling up the I-131 and I have few more questions. Can some one help?

1) In the "Purpose of Trip", is it okay to write just "Family Commitments" or do I need to write more details?
2) When I fill-up the application forms for my wife and kids, do I need to enter my details in the "Preparers" section?
3) If I need to enter my details in the Preparer's sectioon on my wife and kid's application forms, do I need to submit form G-28 (Notice of Appearance as Attorney)?

Thanks in advance.