Re-entering the USA from short trip with expired French passport but valid green card


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We live in the USA and just arrived in France for a 2-week visit. When arriving in France, we realized that the French passport of my spouse (a green card holder) had just expired. We are trying to renew the passport during our visit, but there is a risk it might not be ready by the time of our departure. Two questions:

1. will US immigration allow my spouse to re-enter the USA given that the green card is valid? i read elsewhere that a valid green card is, in theory, all that is needed to re-enter, and, if so, i'd like to find the official page.

2. if so, will the airline allow us to travel? we need to take a connecting flight elsewhere in Europe. can we just print the page from an official US website that says "legal permanent residents don't need a passport to reenter the US -- a valid green card is sufficient" and show that to the French immigration agent / airline employee / (even unaware US immigration agent) so that they let us in?



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1. Yes the US only requires the GC. They will likely question you as to how you flew with an expired passport, but if France allows you to exit and the airline allows you to board, you should be fine.

2. This is the problem. You will most likely be denied boarding. Can you not get an emergency/temporary passport? That's your best bet. Otherwise, you will have to postpone your flight. I would not risk it.
Hi I'm curious whether you were able to go back with an expired passport? I'm facing the same issue and cannot find a definite answer.