Quick question on passport application (DS-11)

Discussion in 'Life After Citizenship' started by mxc, Mar 31, 2010.

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    I am planning on applying for US passports for myself and my wife who got naturalized yesterday and our 12 year old daughter. The question is do we complete the DS11 application online, print and then take it to the post office to sign? I am concerned about hittng the submit button at the end, unlike N-400 which is just a fillable PDF this looks like it is transmitting information to the state department and I don't want to do that and mess up as I am supposed to submit application in person. Any help is appreciated. I am planning on going to the post office as soon as my daughter is back from scholl in about 5 hours.
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    Completing online is not an issue. Nothing will mess up.
    Only thing - sign it only when asked by the postal officer / worker.
  3. mxc

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    Thanks sanjoseaug20
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    That's what that tool was made for, to get an opportunity not to pay a visit to post office in order to get your passport application done and sent. You may try do this via this website ds11.pdffiller.com it has the same features and lets you to add an e-signature, or create one if you don't have yet. I always do my official document things online, because, like a lot of guys here, I don't have much time to queue in the middle of the day in order to send my papers to officials or something. It's all about to make our life easier and call-it mobile
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    But you have time to answer 8-year-old threads?!

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