Questions Regarding Traveling Outside the US with new passport


My wife, from Japan, was robbed last year and was forced to get a new passport after submitting all the paperwork for her green card (including the I-797, I-131, I-485 ect.). I have a few questions and I hope you can help me.

1. Can we travel with a soon-to-expire EAD Combo Card, with this new passport? We were hoping to travel in October, however it expires at the end of October (flying back from Japan).

2. Do we have to inform USCIS in regards to the new passport?

3. What issues may arise with us traveling outside the US while her green card has yet to go to the interview phase?

4. What if we renew the EAD Combo Card, would it be save to travel outside the US?


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She can travel on her new passport wherever she's allowed to. The AP/EAD card makes her eligible to re-enter the US as long as it is valid on the day of reentry at POE.