Questions asked In IR5 interview Mumbai Consulate


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My mother has her interview scheduled in march for her GC interview at the Mumbai Consulate, Her biometrics/ picture have already done by VFS and awaiting medical
  1. My mother is a senior citizen and i wanted to know what kind of questions she could be asked for her interview process?
  2. Also most of her documents have been filed through NVC in the US, is there any other documents they could ask besides the obvious ones (Birth Certificate, Marriage , Passport, DS260, Medical report, Police clearance,Photogrphs , Affidavits of name change after Marriage) such as the latest W2 or co sponsor details or her own personal documents like bank statements, property deeds ? I have already submitted both I864 and I864A tax returns and job letter to NVC
  3. I am a US citizen and the petitioner-is it a good idea to request to be present for the interview if the grant the request ?
Any help would be appreciated especially from someone who might have gone recently through the process. Just trying to cover all eventualities they may request at the interview

Thanking you

hi, i m also under ir5 processing, right now waiting for interview date and came accros this post of yours, can you plz guide on the interview process of your mom. all went well?