Question Related to H1B Salary and H4 process


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Hi Rajiv
Hello Sir, thank you for what you do for the community, Its greatly appreciated.

My H1B approved on Nov 2020. And my employer start deducting my taxes( social & Medicare) as per H1B status from DEC 2020 but they haven’t started giving me my salary as per LCA yet. Now they are saying they will pay remaining amount of salary as per LCA at end of the year as bonus. Can you please guide me on this?
  1. do I need any document from my employer in written saying that they will pay remaining salary as bonus at end of the year?
  2. what if I want to go for stamping in middle of the year. What documents I need to carry at that time to show as proof of my salary ?
  3. Can I Switch job in this condition? Which documents are required to switch job? It will affect my H1B transfer process ?
  4. My current employer also filed H-4 visa for my wife and its pending with USCIS. If I got a new offer from another employer. Do i have to file H-4 again with new employer !or it’s just better to get approval from this employer?
  5. What if my employer fail to pay salary as per my LCA at end of the year?
  6. What if they terminate/ I gave resignation before year end? Do they have to pay me as per my LCA for whatever month I work for them on H1B?