Question Regarding Removal of Conditional GC


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I was denied admission on H1b & application withdrawn ( I -275, I-235 ,I-212 ) at the airport in 2013
In 2015 , I sucessfully attended Immigrant Interview in India & then entered USA on a Iam Conditional GC. As Iam now towards the end of the 2 year conditional GC Period , Iam filing for a Removal Of Conditions (I-751 ) for myself .

My Marriage is joint filing ( i.e in good faith , no issues) .
I have Most of the docs together ( Jointly held , lease , auto insurance , Utility bills) .
Taxes filed together . I have a baby born as well in USA .

While reviewing the I-751 Appln , I found Question 20.
"Have you ever been arrested, detained, charged, indicted, fined or imprisoned for breaking
or violating any law...."? how should I answer? do I have to explain anything?

Any Inputs are greatly appreciated.



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You must have had to answer a similar question on your immigrant visa application, so how did you answer it then? Being denied entry doesn't mean it was for breaking some law or ordinance.


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Yep, for processing through F2A visas category, Filing of I-130 & the subsequent documentation , follow up , etc
my Father-in-law pursued a Immgn Atty then 2 years back .

In one of the DS 260 (US Travel form) , there is a similar Question .."
Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, been refused admission to the United States, or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry?" which was answerd as " WAS REFUSED ENTRY AT ABCDPQR AIRPORT MM/DD/YYYY, VISA CANCELLED(

Is REFUSED ENTRY to the United States same as being DETAINED ( as I was detained ,charged ( i guess) , imprisoned at the Airport) ..

If REFUSING ENTRY same as Being DETAINED ( with charged, imprisoned ) ... I believe the Answer is "YES " to the Q) 20
& then i would use the Additional Information(Part 11) on Page 21 with the same ANSWER as ABOVE "WAS REFUSED ENTRY AT ABCDPQR AIRPORT MM/DD/YYYY, VISA CANCELLED AND APPLICATION WITHDRAWN".

Does the Above answer good enough ....Your Inputs are Highly Appreciated.



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Hello Newacct. Thanks for answering to my post. "Removal of Conditional GC ".I have provided answer to your question above & they are new questions now . Can you please have a look at it ? Your inputs are highly appreciated . Thanks and best regards.



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Asking for you or a friend.. as posted here? Seems like duplicative usernames and post in this thread and another one here, gets very confusing with armaan, sameer etc. Better off sticking to one thread for clearer responses.