Question regarding H4 EAD renewal with H4 renewal application receipt?

Dear Rajiv,

Please help me with the following situation.

My spouse’s employer didn’t apply my H4 EAD renewal along with H1 and H4 extensions. We got the receipt numbers for extension applications recently.


1. I am not sure which receipt number I should mention in H4 EAD I-765 form. Should I mention existing I-797A receipt number which is going to expire in August 2018 or new extension application(I-797C) number?

2. We are supposed to send H4 EAD application to Dallas if H1B applicant’s I-797A starts with EAC and to Phoenix if it starts with WAC. My spouse’s previous extension receipt number starts with EAC and present extension application receipt number starts with WAC. Now I am confused where to send my application.

I appreciate your response in advance.


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It is better file H-4 EAD after principal H-1B is approved. Should you choose to file H-4 EAD now when H-1B & H-4 is pending, USCIS cannot & will not approve H-4 EAD until H-1B is approved, Oh one another requirement is you need to enclose H-1B principal applicant's I-140 approval notice.