Question on L1 to H1...


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Hello, some one can give a suggestion to my friend?

One of my friends worked on L1 for 5 ½ years and left USA in August 2005.
Now, he applied for H1 in late 2005 and got H1 visa stamping for 3 years valid until April 2009
His EB2 labor applied in Sep 2005 and got approved in October 2005. He cannot apply for 485/EAD, as it is not current.

As L and H visas both together is valid for 6 years.

If he comes before August 2006, is it a problem for him during I-485 stage? Or if he comes after August 2006 (after 1 year of his last exit USA), the clock will reset for him?

Experts please give your suggestions to my friend. Thanks.