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I can assume you are also Canadian. Are you a LPR? I got my LPR in March 2007. I have a Canadian passport that expired in 1992 so I sent my Bith Cert to Passport Canada in May. The Passport Canada website said it would take only 12 weeks to receive my Canadian passport in the U.S., however as of August 21 Passport Canada JUST OPENED MY APPLICATION! Much longer the the "12 weeks" suggested on the Passport website... It's obvious that I will not have my Passport in 3 weeks. If you are a PR, driving accross the border, what can I expect with NO Canadian ID onj both sides??? All I have is my PR card which does show my country of citizenship, and an expired Canadian passport. My travel date is September 18, 2007. My wife and I are flying to Buffalo, then driving with her parents across the border to my parents resort in Canada.

Thanks for your time...

Married to US Citizen November 11, 2006.
Re-date for I-485, I-130, I-765, 12-11-06
NOA- I-485, I-130, I-765- 12-14
RFE I-485- 12-26
Biometrics(code 3)- done 01-29-07
RFE Received- 02-07-07
LUD I-765 - 02-23-07
Lud I-765 - 02-27-06 APPROVED!
ND- Interview(Tampa), 02-16-07
Interview Date - 03-20-07
LUD- I-485, I-130, 03-01-07
Interview- 03-20-07-APPROVED!!!
LUD I-130 Approved 03-20-07!!!
LUD I-485 Welcome notice sent, Card production ordered 03-23-07
LUD- Welcome notice received 03-27-07
LUD- I485 Approval notice mailed 03-28-07!!!
03-30-07 GC received!