Question about minor's passport


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I am applying for my minor son’s passport based on my recent naturalization .My son is 10 yrs and I am his biological father however he is from my first wife, with whom I broke up around 9 years back as per divorce decree (court orders). I again got married and my son is living with us from the last seven years. My first wife ha snever been in US and my son is driving status from me. With this scenario, I have following questions while I am preparing for his paperwork for US passport:
1. On passport application (DS-11) Column 10 should I write my current wife’s name as mother’s name?
2. one of the condition while applying for the minor’s passport is that both the parent should consent and be present physically while submitting application. Should my current wife will sign form of consent at 4a in DS3053 or I have to fill out part 4b , in that case who will sign in front of notary public?
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You will have to get consent form the child's biological mother if her name appears on your child's birth certificate. If you have sole custody then the custody document will be sufficient.