Question about marriage citizenship

Hi all,

My fiancee is currently in the process of applying for citizenship, but we are also planning on getting married soon and need to decide what the best path forward is regarding her citizenship. She has had a green card for 16 years, she's been living in the US for 3+ years and has been gainfully employed the entire time. She applied for her citizenship 5 months ago and was told that it will take around 10 months to process before she can take the civics test. However, my question is: if we decide to get married before that 10 month period is over, what is the process of her gaining US citizenship through marriage, given the fact that she has already accomplished the qualification of having a green card for 3 years?

Any informed answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Assuming you are asking the last question because you are a citizen, it won’t work as the 3 year criterion for gaining citizenship through marriage has to be all spent in marital union with the USC spouse. Her current path will get her there much faster. In any case, that wouldn’t speed up the processing time, only the time to being able to file - which she already has.


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Marriage will not affect processing time for her citizenship. The 10-month processing time is based on the USCIS jurisdiction that she filed in, and would not go any faster by virtue of marriage.