Question about education evaluation of a Canadian citizen for a TN visa application for working in USA


I am a Canadian citizen living in Canada now. Currently I am preparing documents to apply a TN Visa to work in USA. Because I got my bachelor degree in Chinese university, so I need to get an education evaluation. Because evaluation agencies in Canada are really slow processing, so I got an evaluation from a United States evaluation agency who completed in short time.

Even though my US employer accept the evaluation report of the US agency, they said because I am a Canadian citizen and going to move from Canada to USA, I MUST get an education evaluation report from a Canada evaluation agency instead of a US agency. Otherwise, the CBP officer might not accept it.

Is this true? Besides, is there a list of designated education evaluation agencies in United States which is similar to a list of designated Canada agencies?



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Incorrect. The CBP accepts evels from amny places, ESP{ECIALLY the US. Why would an eval of a Chinses degree for a US agency have to be done in Canada. Silly.