Purchase Real Estate while AOS


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Hello Rajivji
I cannot express my gratitude enough for your service to the community. May God Bless you!

I have a unique question perhaps. I filed for my I-485 in a while ago waiting for approval (PD Nov2009) I have an opportunity to buy some good land for future construction. When I applied for a loan, the lender is asking for proof of legal status. below is my situation.

1. I have been using my EAD for past 4 years to work. I don't have H1 right now.
2. My EAD expired in 01/2021 but I filed for renewal in Oct 2020 and I am in the automatic 6mo extension period.
3. I havent travelled to India for a decade so I don't have an i-94 to show.

I read in several places that I can buy property while still processing my AOS.
1. Is there any document or government site that validates my status
2. what proof can I show the lender that I am present legally

This is not a post you might see regularly but any your advise you provide will help me.