Processing time for H-1?????


1.How long is New H-1b processing taking now?

2. i am planning to apply for H-1 with my 3 year computer degree and 3 years of Work experience. is this fine?(will INS consider this as a four year degree?). if any one has information with such case please let me know.
Your responses are appreciated and will be very helpful. Thanks for your time.



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H1 takes 1 to 2 months 3 year degree not likely to be accepted

1. New H1 takes anywhere from 1 to 2 months. Look into the expedited premium processing from INS web site.

2. The transcripts of your 3 year degree will show courses for only 3 years. If you have done some extra university courses upto/more than 1 year after 3 year degree that could help. Check with lawyer if experience can be substituted for college work.
Thanks -- 1 year Masters

Thanks for your response. Actually i was doing my Masters, but dropped out after first year. Do you think if i get a study certificate from the college(will not have any mark list),that will be considered? Please let me know what you think. Thanks


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Hard to say

Generally a transcript would show work completed although degree may not be completed. I know of an instance where an F1 student was allowed permission to go to India take exams come back and then continue with masters program here. His case was similar 3 year degree and 1 yr masters exam not taken.
Hi Whizkid - computer course certificates


Thanks for your quick response. actually i did 1 year of computer courses in the computer institutes. the evaluator is saying that now INS is not accepting those certifictes as they were doing before. Do you know anything about this? Please let me know. Thanks again.


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MCA type could be still acceptable

MCA type of certificates could still be acceptable. Other option is to do 1 year of courses in US itself and then apply for H1. So you may need F1 before H1.


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Get your credentials evaluated by submitting your certificates to an evaluations institute in the US. They will give you an equivalency rating of some sort and you can use that while filing for LCA. I do believe 3 year degree + work experience will be considered equivalent to 4 year degree.
Thanks and will INS consider the evaluation


Thanks for your response. If the evaluaters give the evaluation certificate(letter)stating that my qualifications(as above)are equivalent to 4 year degree, then will INS go by that and consider that it is sufficient. or is there any chances of not accepting that. Please let me know.


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take a look at they specialize in working with immigratino lawyers and providing evaluation letters. I am pretty sure that you could produce their letter to INS if they have doubts about your qualifications.


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bottom line with h1 is you need a sponsoring employer. If you can find an employer who really feels they need you to work for them and is willing to do whatever it takes to hire you then its not that hard to get a h1.