Processing speed of the consular processing

my wife's employer has submitted a green card petition (EB3). She lives in the USA, I live in Germany. However, I'm included as a Dependent in the application and should do the Consular Processing. At the moment we are waiting for the decision for the I140. The USCIS has submitted an RFE, we are currently waiting for the letter.

Unfortunately, we are very dissatisfied with our lawyer. This has several reasons. She let deadlines expire and concealed the need for various documents. Something like this. She claimed, e.g. that it would be absolutely impossible to submit the I824 for the Consular Processing together with the I140 / I485. My wife's employer then sought advice from another lawyer. The Lady said that the statement of lawyer # 1 was a lie and advised to submit the petition I824 immediately.

My questions: 1. Does it make sense to change the lawyer if the I140 has already been submitted? Or is the lawyer's "main job" already completed in this phase?
2.Is it correct that the consular processing is processed much faster, if you already submitted it together with the I140? According to the new attorney, part of the paperwork at USCIS / NVC would have already been done when my wife's AOS was approved and my consular processing starts.