Problems and delays in the UK passport office from overseas


I applied for a renew on the UK passport using this new online fill in a form service. On their website they were giving a guide line of 4 weeks turn around.

I am now at 6 weeks and the passport has not even reached the examination team. I am now being told by the passport office they have a big back log and it is taking 7 weeks for passports to even be looked at. (its taken some doing to get them to admit the extent of the delays for applications from overseas)

Anyone else having problems at the moment? anyone know of anything that can be done?

I have tried calling, begging.. to no avail..

Please anyone else applying from overseas leave 3 months to allow for postage and processing! or better still do it when you get back to the UK :(

any advise would be great
What is a few more weeks, exactly? In periods of peak demand, then the service will be slower, the wait time is simply an average. As said before, mine took just over three weeks over Xmas and new year renewing from bxls. The majority of that time is when it's with the examiner.

There is very little you can do other than keep checking progress.

I think the lesson learned here for everyone reading it is to give yourself as much time as possible to renew before travel, you can renew several months before it expires and ensure you have a comfortable safety margin in terms of time.

However I agree, if you are looking at close to three months, then that's not really an acceptable turn around period, especially for someone who may travel frequently and need their passport often. If your situation had happened to me, it would have caused me significant issues. Obviously something wrong with staffing levels during peak periods.