Problem with Old Employee

I came to USA on March 1, 2000. I went to client place to do project on May 25, 2000 and I was left client place on Feb 21, 2001. I did not get a work unitil July, but my employer got one internal project in august and he wants me do the internal project, so i was completed that task on Noveber 2001 and I went India on Nov 18, 2001 and return to USA Feb 2002. My employer applied for my renuval in May 2002. finally I got my H1 papers in August 2003. my employer did not run my pay roll from Feb 2001 to Mar 2003 and also he did not pay my medical from Nov 2001 to August 2003. I was left that company in sep last week of 2003. he run pay roll again from Apr 2003 to Sep 15, 2003. he paid my salary and expenses from Aprl 2003 to July 2003 and also he paid my salary for august and sep 1 to sep 15,2003, I had been send time sheet from client place from apr 2003 to August 2003 but i did not submit my timesheets to in Sep 2003. I was regined on sep 23 and join with other company. My new employer filed my H1 and i got receipt on oct 2003. now my old employer want me pay back money which he was paid for me( set 1 to Sep 15. can you please tell me, is there need to pay back to him or is there any way to keep that money.
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