Problem submitting DS-260 for a dependant

A question from a DV Lottery 2020 participant.

I'm the main applicant, I have a wife and five children, a family of seven people.

My application was selected and then I completed and submitted a DS-260. In March 2019, I received a notification from KCC that I "have submitted a full and valid DS-260 application for every member of your family, and provided all required documents to KCC. The interviews will be scheduled...."

Now, if I go to the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) and login under my KCC Case Number (2019EU000XXXXX), it shows my DS-260 as "COMPLETED", while me wife's and my children's are all there (meaning that we're supposed to complete them as well), with statuses "INCOMPLETE" or "START NOW" (see picture attached).

My wife and I completed her DS-260, but on the very last page, where you hit the button "Sign and Submit Application", we have a problem.

The system gives me an error (with the KCC Case number) and won't let me submit the application.

Now I am confused. I called KCC and they confirmed that indeed, I had submitted a full and valid DS-260 for myself and all members of my family. However, when I asked them if we should complete DS-260 for every dependant (or "Accompany"), they said yes, please go ahead and complete.

But I cannot submit the application!

The system asks me to provide a KCC Case number - which I only have one, which is mine. My wife (and none of my kids) does NOT have a KCC Case number, because she (they) has been recorded in the system as an "Accompany". I am the main applicant, and I am the one who had been assigned a Case number by KCC!

I'm anxious now that if I'm unable to complete and submit DS-260 for my wife and my children, we might run into problems with them not being invited for the interview. Judging by the numbers coming out from the bulletin, my Case number is well within the numbers that should have received, or should expect to receive, 2NL aka notifications of an interview.

If anyone could please comment on my remedy here, I'd really appreciate.



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That is THE case number. If you have tried to submit using it and not been successful then you should contact KCC