problem in SSN because of larger name

Hello All,

I am pursuing my Masters in USA(california). I have applied to SSN 45 days back and was told i have problem in my name. As a typical south Indian, i have very large name which is of 24 letters and the system in SSN office is taking just 20 characters. Because of this my name is truncated and only part of name is being accepted. Now, passport ,i 20 has full 24 letter name whereas i94 and SSN applicaton has truncated name because of space constraint. I was told to go to immigration office to explain my problem by SSN office employee. He also told me to hire a legal lawyer to explain my problem to court.

Now as a student how can i hire a lawyer and spend 1000's of dollars. Is this my mistake to have a larger name? I am really frustrated as they are playing football with me. Also college is not paying me money as i dont have SSN. This is so ridiculous and i am really feeling frustrated. Can you please suggest me what should i do so that i can come out of this problem? is it true that i have to hire a lawyer?