Previous work experience and background checks


I got selected this year for the lottery visa.

I need information regarding DS-260 for the previous work experience section. I was doing remote work for IT clients/companies.
Will i have to list those remote positions, because those were not a regular jobs where they pay insurance, taxes, sick time etc....

1. I am curious how deep they go about previous work experience checks?
2. Will i have to submit tax reports from paychecks?
3. Will it be a problem if i have to list these because one of the IT companies was based in Iraq?
4. Is it a good idea to list these positions?

Any answer will be highly appreciated.
I have high school diploma. Also i have Bachelors in Computers Science, i can qualify through education
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High school diploma is all you need to qualify.
Well, then you can use your discretion in how much detail to answer, the US is not so much interested in the formality of the work as long as you didn’t cheat the IRS out of any tax owing it. You won’t be required to show paychecks etc if you’re not using work experience to qualify. Also bear in mind if you appear to be hiding anything that a background check brings up (like the link to Iraq) that might cause issues. I’m assuming you didn’t actually travel there.
No, i have never traveled to Iraq or any other countries in the Middle East.
Do you think this could cause issues even if i havent visited that country?

About the taxes, my income was generally sent in a bank account i had opened in another country (different from the country where i live today), the money didn't flow through the country i lived.

I had maybe couple of transactions that flew into my bank account in the country where i live but the rest of it it was in a foreign country.

Will they still be able to check that i haven't paid the taxes? Because the companies didn't want to pay the taxes for me.
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Unless it was the IRS being owed, I don't think they'll care about taxes.
Again, use your own discretion about to what put in.

I have no idea whether or not it could cause issues, having no idea what kind of work you did or who you did it for (and we don't need to know that either, i doubt anyone here is qualified to make a risk assessment).

A suggestion: If you do get a green card and move to the US, don't try play tax games with the IRS via offshore accounts.
Okay thanks for your answers, i have another question but i will repost it to the forum so more will be able to reply
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