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Hi All,

I got my PR card a few years ago but never stayed in Canada for more than a month. Recently I got a job there but will also be getting married before I move there.

I will need to sponsor my wife but I am not sure how that process would work:

Would I be able to apply for that prior to moving there? I can't seem to find anything to say that I could or couldn't.

When looking at the process from inside Canada, it seems I need to submit tax papers of some sort. Does that mean I have to have been working in Canada for a year before I could apply?

If I do need to apply after working in Canada for a year is there anything that can be done to bring my wife during that time?

Any input would be appriciated. Thanks in advance.


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Only Canadian citizens can sponsor spouses while being outside Canada. You will need to move back to Canada and apply from there. I do not believe there is any requirement of minimum time spent in Canada.

Would I be able to apply for that prior to moving there?


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Thanks for the information triple citizen. However, when looking at the page below, this sentence is what is worrying me

"Sponsors (guarantors) are presumed to be able to satisfy their undertaking if in the last 12 months they have had gross income from Canadian sources equal to the SUM of the amount shown in Table 1 and the amount in Table 2 below. These amounts are indexed each year"

I am yet to move to Canada and therefore do not have any income from Canadian sources. Did I understand this correctly? Thanks.