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2 Master degrees from usa - now wants PR in Canada


I have two master degrees from usa - MISM and MBA. Due to recession, I came back to India as I didnt get job in usa. Now I want 2 move in Canada. Total Education years are 19 but not have any job in Canada. But, I have 2 years of exprience as a Hospital Administrator and Oracle DBA together.

1. In which category I have 2 apply?
2. What is the procedure for that and how much time it will take?
3. Which documents I need for that?
4. Can I apply without any agent's help also?

Please reply soon as my condition is critical in India as well.

Thanks in advance
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You may get an assessment from a qualified Immigration Consultant or a Lawyer. This will help you determine which category you may apply. You may check if your education and work experience can have qualified for Skilled workers and professionals category.