PR Card vs. apply Citizenship


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I'm still waiting for citizenship test notice since last May. My question is now should I apply PR Card first and keep waiting for the test notice or wait until end of this year to apply PR card if I still don't receive any notice? I landed in 1998 and according CIC I need to apply PR card in 5/03. The reason I don't want to apply PR Card now is because I'm physcially in US now and don't want to go back and forward to Canada for many times to do PR card and citizenship test. Any suggestions? :confused:


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Since you had applied for Citizenship in May 2002, and it's been 10 months since you have applied, I would call CIC and find out as to what the delay is?

I know that it takes forever when you apply from BC (sleepy town/retirement town) :D

On the other hand, it's your call. You will have to decide if you want to make multiple trips (apply and pickup for the pr card, take the citizenship examination).